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  • Suez Canal - Blue Valley - LowResThe Secretariat is Blue Valley’s epic center, from where everything starts and ends.
    The Secretariat’s main functions is to facilitate powerful and efficient local, national, regional, and global Innovation, Development and Collaboration.

    Blue Valley meetings (and Work) is anchored into rulebased neutrality and respect – at the same time ensuring that ideas, possibilities, challenges and talents are spotted and worked with in a safe, timely and sustainable manner – and no idea or research project are too small or too big.

    Universities, private organisations, NGOs, Governments, Maritime Bodies and others operating within, or having an interest in Ble/Maritime areas and matters are brought together and are assisted by the secretariat to be heard and to perhaps find partners, and if and where it is relevant the secretariat will assist with fundraising, meeting facilitation, and any other practical matter which can ensure that ideas turns into valuable and concrete results.

    Organisations, investors, producers and others who see the obvious value in living and operating close to this powerful and valueable epic center are also assisted by the Secretariat to physically move into the Blue Valley City/Industry area.

    For further information see more under BV City/Industrial Area or contact the secretariat.

  • The Blue Valley City/Industrial area is an area where people and private organisation, NGOs, University branches, Maritime Bodies, and others being linked to the Blue Valley initiative can move in physically, and this way be close to and obviously take advantage of the powerful Blue Valley epic center’s energy, work, services, information sharing, etc. – as well as take advantage of being close to others who has also moved into this Blue/Maritime innovation, Development and collaboration center with similar focus.

    To make it easy to decide to join the Secretariate is ready to assist with the practicalities  whether such assistance is required on organisational/investor level or whether personal assistance is appreciated linked to relocation and settling in efficiently and positively.

    To hear more about the possibilities available for you and your interest areas, please do not hesitate to contact the secretariat.

  • The Blue Vally initiative has already before the secretariat opened inspired others to think or rethink valuable ideas which can be transformed to actions – and results.

    Fortunately, the Blue Valley initiatives vision, unique structure makes it possible for the BV Secretariat not only to inspire, but also to offer assistance and support to initiatives which are not member of the Blue Valley initiative – as long as such initiatives share the Blue Valley initiative’s vision, purpose and rules.

    The rules are few and positive but is imperative to the Blue Valley family, as they enhance maximum innovation,development and collaboration in a neutral, balanced, sustainable and respectful way – at the same time ensuring that ideas are made visible and are utilized efficiently to generate valuable results.

    With our experience and meeting rules we can facilitate your meetings, assist you with your projects or assist you in other ways  irrespectively whether you are a small Group of people sharing the same goal, an industrial Network focused on collaboration or internationalisation, a city which wants to develop, a university looking for new ways to work with research projects, a cross-global collaboration, etc. – or whether you just want a small piece of advise.

    In short: Give the Sectariat a call tell us where your focus is – and we will do what can to assist.

Innovation, Development and Collaboration Results

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